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Specific Issues Raw Food Will Alleviate

Why does my pet shed and what do I do about it?
Most pets have haircoats that shed and drop fur twice a year giving them a summer and a winter coat. However, that doesn’t mean that shedding is just a fact of life and you just have to put up with it… it also doesn’t mean that the only solution is brushing your pet twice a day for two months of the year. Feeding your pet an unprocessed healthy food like raw or dehydrated raw supports the digestive system which is responsible for 70% of health. When your pet’s digestive system doesn’t function efficiently the hair is not given proper nutrition, making it weak and breakable. Shedding will dramatically decrease or stop altogether when your pet is given a proper, unprocessed diet. Additionally, Omega Fatty Acids offer nutrition to the skin and coat, decreasing shedding. There are also several brushes that help with removing the undercoat. Stop by for recommendations on raw and dehydrated raw diets that are complete and safe to feed and for recommendations on the proper type of brush for your pet’s specific hair type.

Why does my pet have bad breath and what do I do about it?
The digestive system extends from the mouth to the anus. It is a complete system and one end affects the other. Feeding a dry, processed kibble does not assist in cleaning pets teeth because it allows for the excessive growth of bacteria throughout the ENTIRE digestive system. Poor digestion leads to stinky breath, increased dental tarter build up, ineffective nutrient assimilation, larger stool volume, shedding and other health problems. If you want your pet to have clean teeth and good breath without brushing or having expensive annual dentals you must remove cooked and processed foods from their diet. On rarer occasions your pet may have an abscess in their mouth. Abscesses can be caused by punctures, bad teeth and other infected issues in the mouth. Even if you are feeding a healthy raw or dehydrated raw diet and not regularly brushing your pet’s teeth it is important to regularly check their mouth for abscesses or other dental problems.

Why does my pet have diarrhea and what do I do about it?
There are many reasons pets can have diarrhea. Many of the reasons are as follows:
Poor diet– inefficient digestion can cause many health problems including diarrhea and constipation Food allergies – one of the symptoms of food allergies is diarrhea. The other most common symptom is chewing of the feet followed by ear infections
Anxiety– Stress damages the intestinal lining that allows for proper nutrient absorption. If your pet has anxiety it is important to support them properly to maintain a healthy body. We offer herbs, Bach Flower Essences, aromatherapy, thundershirts, amino acids and more to handle different levels and causes of anxiety.
Giardia or other pathogens or parasites – especially in the spring and summer it is common for pets to encounter bacteria’s and parasites when they are outside that can cause severe diarrhea. There are many herbs available to help your pet’s digestive system maintain a level of immunity from these things or treat symptoms of overgrowth of these bacteria or parasites in their gut. Antibiotics often have a catch 22 effect where you can give them but you must give them repeatedly for your pet to recover.
Vaccinosis– over vaccinating can cause a variety of side effects including diarrhea. There are homeopathics that can help the body through the effects of vaccinating.

Why does my pet get stinky ears and/or skin and/or red stains under the eyes?
Most ear and skin odor stems from a systemic yeast infection commonly caused by a poor diet. Feeding starchy, processed and cooked foods feeds yeast bacteria while depriving the body of the natural enzymes and bacteria needed to maintain proper health and fight things like yeast.


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