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Raw Goat Milk (cultured and straight from the goat) and Cow Milk Kefir – ANSWERS A+ Raw, Cultured Goat Milk, OC Raw (uncultured) Goat Milk & ANSWERS A+ Raw Cow Milk Kefir –

– Raw Milk, like human breast milk, is nature’s perfect and complete food for developing infant digestive tracts. Raw milk is a complete diet, consisting of all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, proteins and nutrients essential for life to not only survive, but thrive. Raw Milk provides necessary nutrients in a non-synthetic, perfectly balanced form for adult and baby pets, making it a safer and healthier alternative than synthetic vitamin/mineral supplements.

– Increasingly, nutrient absorption dis-eases such as IBD, EPI and Pancreatitis have begun to run rampant in pets. Increasing calorie consumption to compensate for weight loss caused by decreased nutrient absorption can aggravate digestive strain and potentially even amplify disease symptoms such as diarrhea and inflammation. Alternatively, Raw Milk is immediately assimilated into the digestive lining, providing complete nutrient absorption and decreasing the effort required by the intestinal villi to utilize the nutrients the body needs.

– Veterinarian’s generally recommend Hydrolyzed Protein diets for allergy conditions, however, these diets have some unfortunate down sides including MSG by-products (the result of fractionating protein amines), decreased nutrient absorption (leading to Muscle Wasting if used long term), decreased biologic value in nutrients and decreased nitrogen utilization (which may cause urinary concerns) as well as dependency on synthetic, potentially dangerous supplements. (1) Raw Milk, however, is non-synthetic, safer and absorbs immediately while also being a natural histamine reducer. Therefore, Raw Milk provides be allergy reducing benefit that hydrolyzation does but without any of the negative effects.

-As Raw Milk is a complete diet in and of itself (like breast milk for an infant), home-made diets require the addition of whole food supplements such as ANSWERS A+ Goat or Cow Milk to complete the food. Additionally, these can be used in place of a synthetic vitamin/mineral supplement for any complete diets as well.

– Raw Milk diets, like in infancy, can be provided as a fasting or rehabilitation diet for detoxification or severe illness recovery. Severe allergies, EPI and cancers respond best to this diet.

– Raw Milk is a natural appetite suppressant and histamine reducer. It can be great as a between-meal snack or, in some cases, in lieu of anti-allergy pills in highly allergenic seasons.

Brands matter!!!

ANSWERS A+ is the highest quality brand available. Their goats are 100% naturally fed, humanely raised, provided herbs to increase milk nutrients and breeds are rotated to create a nutritionally complete and diverse product. In addition, ANSWERS A+ is fully raw, never heated and it cultured which increases nutritional benefit for your pet. Their Goat Milk is cultured and their Cow Kefir uses Kefir to ferment. Rotation of these products provides an unrivaled variety of good bacteria to assist with increased health and intestinal bacterial balance.

OC Raw is straight from the goat, fully raw, and still complete. This type of Goat Milk is better if your pet is experiencing Pancreatitis. Increased enzymes (found in cultures) may exacerbate Pancreatic conditions.

– We feel Steve’s Goat Milk is moderate quality because it contains coconut flour and chia seeds (both of which have benefits but also potential disadvantages such as anti-nutrients that may cause leaky gut when used long term).

– We do NOT recommend Primal Goat Milk, ever, as it contains Turmeric and is sold in a plastic container. We LOVE turmeric, but it emulsifies fats and plastics. So, when kept for extended periods of time in plastic it actually EATS the plastic and pulls endocrine inhibitors into the product. Endocrine inhibitors may lead to endocrine disorders such as diabetes, Cushing’s, pancreatitis, thyroid imbalances, etc. If you’d like to add Turmeric to your pets diet it should be purchased in glass container and mixed with ginger or black pepper to increase absorbability. Hero’s Pets sells Elemental Provisions brand of Turmeric/Ginger that may be added to food or milk supplements.


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