Collection: Training Treats

We offer a variety of treats, including a vast amount of training treats. Training treats can be a great tool to teach your pet some new skills, however, it’s important that these treats are being used appropriately and are nutritious for your pet. The critical concepts to remember when choosing training treats are calorie intake, ingredients, and sourcing. Just like all of our treats, our training treats are all extremely well sourced and have high quality limited ingredients. When it comes to ingredients, we have a variety of different flavors and proteins so it’s good to know what types would be best when it comes to training. For greater focus with your pet, a higher protein treat with little to no sugar would be the best suggestion. Sugar will create a hyper animal while a high protein treat will allow your pet to be more focused driven. It is also important to acknowledge that with giving more treats, you are also increasing caloric intake. This means that treats should be given with carefulness and should not replace meals. Our variety of sizes, textures and flavors of treats means there are options for every pet.