Animal Essentials Breathe EZ
Animal Essentials Breathe EZ

Animal Essentials Breathe EZ

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Breathe EZ promotes clear, open airways and supports healthy respiration during normal exercise.  Alcohol-free.

Active Ingredients per 1mL:
A Proprietary Formula containing extracts of: 
Licorice root (glycyrrhizza glabra)*, Elecampane root (Inula helenium)*, Oregano leaf (Origanum vulgare)*, Ginkgo leaf (G. biloba*, and Mullein leaf (Verbascum thapsis) - 250 mg

Inactive ingredients:
Vegetable glycerin USP, distilled water.



Squirt directly into mouth or add to a small amount of food or water.

Dogs up to 30lbs 0.5-2.0ml up to 2x daily

Dogs over 30lbs 1.0-3.0ml for every 30lbs of body weight 1-2x daily

Cats up to 0.5ml 1-2x daily