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AnimalEO Hormone Blend

AnimalEO Hormone Blend

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A must have for hormonal concerns and behaviors – especially recommended for companion birds! Excessive egg-laying, screaming parrots, cranky mares, and more!


Essential Oils of Clary Sage (Salvea sclarea), Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia), Orange (Citrus sinensis), Marjoram (Origanum majorana)


Hormones.  We all have them.  Unfortunately, in the animal kingdom, they are not always welcomed.  Most of the problems our animal friends encounter are man-made however.  From birds getting improper light cycles, to dog being put on processed diets deficient in live nutrients – you can bet humans mess with hormones more than just your basic spay or neuter surgery.

The essential oils within the Hormone Blend can certainly help to balance hormones and hormonal behaviors, whether excessive or inadequate in nature. What the Hormone Blend will NOT do, is to alter normal body activity and behavior. So, sorry to tell you, it will not stop your cat from going through a heat cycle. While it may reduce behaviors somewhat, you are pretty much stuck with a cat going through heat every 2 weeks during breeding seasons, until they are bred or spayed. This is a normal body function, and it would be unhealthy for a natural product to stop Mother Nature so rudely.

Situations where we do see Hormone Blend shine: reducing excessive egg laying in companion birds, aiding passage of an egg, restoring normal egg laying cycles in Chickens, reducing hormonal screaming, picking, and mutilating behaviors in companion birds, encouraging normal heat cycles and patterns, supporting healthy and normal conception and pregnancy, reducing false pregnancies, and even for situations such as cranky mares and cystic ovaries.

Directions for Use

Cats:  Water-Based Diffusion is recommended for use of Hormone Blend with cats.

Dogs:  Hormone Blend can be used in a variety of ways for dogs.

  • Water-Based Diffusion is an excellent way to use Hormone Blend for dogs.  Adding 3-5 drops or more to the diffuser batch is a recommended starting point.  Diffusion can be done daily, and even 24 hours a day in some situations.
  • Petting Techniques can be used also.  Place 1-3 drops into your hands, rub them together until a light coating remains, and pet onto the back and sides of your dog. Repeat up to daily, or as needed.

Chickens:  With Chickens, place 1 drop into your hand.  Rub the oil onto your fingertips, and massage onto the feet, and especially in the area of ankle (the reproductive reflexology points).  Application up to every day to twice a day can be used, however many do great with an application approximately every 3 days.  A water mist can also be used to mist nesting boxes and the coop for a diffuser effect of the blend.  This blend is also made into a water mist for use on companion birds, and can be applied to Chickens in this manner as well, as long as their environment supports being wet (for example, we wouldn’t water mist them in the middle of winter!)  


  • Water-based diffusion is a common way to use Hormone Blend with companion birds.  Place 3-5 drops or more into an H2EO Ultrasonic Diffuser, and diffuse as desired.  Alternately, 5-20 drops can be added to 4 ounces of distilled water in a glass spray bottle, and after shaking, can be misted into the air.
  • Hormone Blend is commonly used in a water mist that is sprayed directly onto the bird.  Place 10 to 45 drops into a 4 ounce (120 mL) glass spray bottle, and fill the rest of the way with distilled water.  Shake well before each use, and mist onto the bird up to daily.  Generally between 3-20 pumps with the trigger sprayer can be used while spraying your bird.  Many birds enjoy this spray bath as a replacement for their regular water spray baths.  It is recommended to start with less amounts of the blend added to the water, and then gradually build up the concentration based on need and response – especially with birds who have not been exposed to essential oils before.  See the Bird page for more information and directions specific to use of oils with birds.

Exotics:  Water-based diffusion is the most common way that Hormone Blend will be used for most exotic species.  When necessary, or diffusion has not yielded enough results, we can consider its use much like it is described for birds, or via petting applications.  Use of the CritterBoost blend can also aid in support of hormonal balance – and that blend is recommended for topical use for most exotic species. 

Horses & Large Animals:  In general, Petting Techniques are most commonly used with the Hormone Blend.  Place 3-10 drops into your hands, rub them together and pet onto the back, chest, and/or abdomen as needed.  For some animals, applying over the mid to lower back area (where the ovaries would be located) is a good area to concentrate on application.  Apply up to daily, or as needed.

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