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AnimalEO Transition 2ml

AnimalEO Transition 2ml

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Animals can go through many Transitions in their life journey. This blend is an incredible support to all changes. Based heavily in Rose and Frankincense, this combination is a must-have. This blend is a powerful connection for all things spiritual, emotional, and energetic. It can aid greatly with euthanasia situations, grieving, emotional concerns, and support of life-force.

Transition can mean a lot of things to our animal friends. Entering into this world by birth or exiting this realm forever are obviously the most dramatic transitions that our companions experience, as well as ourselves being alongside of them. However joining a new home, losing a human or animal companion, being rescued, undergoing a surgery, leaving a litter, and more can all be considerable transition periods for an animal.

Transition® was created specifically for those who need support for the changes that are necessary in life, whether helpful or uncomfortable in nature. In practice, we have noticed and felt that grieving periods are lessened, emotional turmoil is reduced, and that animals accept changes in a more calm and beneficial manner. In the case of passing onto the next world – everything just seems “a little bit better” – for human and animal. Many of our clients have reported feeling like “things were just smoother” when they used the essential oils within Transition during such a difficult time.

In our veterinary clinic, we often used Rose and Frankincense Essential Oils during euthanasia procedures, and noticed huge benefits to all involved. These particular essential oils are often cost-prohibitive for most people, and sometimes are needed when you least expect it. We found them so helpful, however, that we often just donated our own personal oils for those going through these situations.


Essential Oils of Frankincense (Boswellia carterii), Cabreuva (Myrocarpus fastigiatus), Blue Cypress (Callitris intratropica), Rose (Rosa damascena), Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides), Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin)

*As of August 2019, a new formulation of Transition was released due to the discontinuation of high quality White Cypress being harvested and available due to the massive wild fires of Australia.  Cabreuva replaces the White Cypress of old – and is making an impressive addition to the formula.

Directions for Use

For All Animals:  

Diffusion in a water-based diffuser is wonderful way to use Transition.  Adding approximately 1 drop per 100mL of water in a diffuser is a suggested starting point, although some may desire it stronger.  Alternatively, adding 4-10 drops to a 4 ounce water misting bottle, shaking well before spraying, and spritzing into the air is very effective.  This spritz can also be misted onto bedding, into kennels, or wherever needed for more results.

Birds & Exotics: 

Water-based diffusion or water misting into the air, is often the easiest method to use Transition with these animals.  While topical applications are often not necessary, light petting of the blend can be used.  Place 1 drop into your hands, rub them together until the oil is completely absorbed to just a small film of oil remaining on your hands.  Allow a bird to just perch on your hands, or lightly pet a furred animal.  For the human, wearing Transition can impart the benefits of the oil to your animal companion while they are in close proximity to you.  If the animal desires to lick it off your hands or rub against it – do not be concerned.


Diffusion in a water-based diffuser is also one of the best ways to use Transition for cats.  Very light petting techniques can also be used – placing 1 to 2 drops into your hands, rubbing them together until the essential oil is completely absorbed, then petting your cat.  Petting over the heart area is a very beneficial location.  For some cats, allowing a very light film of oil to remain on your hands before petting can be appropriate.  There is no concern when the cat grooms afterwards.

Dogs & Larger Animals:  

Diffusion is also extremely beneficial for these animals.  In barn situations, water misting can be helpful where electricity is not available.  These animals respond very well to petting techniques – and often a fairly decent film of oil can be left on the palms of your hands prior to petting.  Place 1-5 drops into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together to coat them with Transition, then pet over the heart and chest area especially.  Remember, large animals who have Transition applied to them, will now become an “animal diffuser” for others in their vicinity.  So, placing the blend on several cows in a barn, can act like a giant “bovine diffuser” to impart benefits to the other cows they come in contact with.  When using other animals as diffusers, we often pet over their entire back area to allow other animals to benefit easily.  

With rescue animals and traumatic situations – it is advisable to monitor animals who are coming in contact with each other.  Changes in an animal’s behavior can create occasional strife in dog packs or in herds.  We don’t often see issues, but it is good to be aware of the potential.

You can use Transition as often as you see necessary.  We often diffuse it daily if situations seem to call for it.  With an animal entering into a euthanasia situation, we will try to diffuse Transition for as many days as possible prior to the event.  If everyone (human and animal) in the household does well with the diffusion, we can diffuse up to 24 hours a day.  Some voice concern that use of the blend may “make” their animal pass over prematurely – however we have never witnessed any evidence to show that this blend will encourage the premature passing of an animal, only that it will make that “transition” smoother and easier for all involved when it is the right thing.  Within 24 hours of the actual euthanasia, and right before the veterinary appointment – we will often incorporate the petting methods into our regimen.  Although, it is completely appropriate to start “petting applications” during any part of the time frame that you feel is appropriate.  There is no right or wrong answer.

Using Transition for the other animals and humans who are impacted by either a euthanasia, passing, or other event is recommended as well.  Use the blend for as long as you feel is necessary for emotional benefits.

Examples of Use:  

  • Euthanasia of a cat:  Diffuse Transition in a water-based diffuser as soon as you know the situation is approaching.  Pet the cat with Transition absorbed into your hands 1-2 days prior to the euthanasia.  Also pet other animals, and apply to human family members as needed.  
  • Introduction of a new horse, dog, or other animal to a herd, pack, or household:  Diffuse Transition, Pet onto all animals involved in the new introduction as directed for their species.
  • Adopting a new puppy:  When a pup has to leave its mother and litter mates, it can be quite a transition.  Using a water spritzer to mist bedding, kennels/crates, and the air around the pup can be helpful.  Water-based diffusion is wonderful.  Petting Transition onto the puppy can also be very helpful, as well as the humans wearing the blend.  When possible, if diffusion can start while the pup is still with the mother and litter mates – and then continue onward with the new home – results can be impressive!  Smooth Delivery is another blend you may wish to consider for young animals and their “transitions”.
  • Dealing with traumatic events, fostering, or adopting rescue animals:  The basics of “just using” the blend is the most important factor here.  If you are volunteering at a shelter, working in a natural disaster area, or fostering an animal – wear Transition so that you can be a “human diffuser” and benefit those who you are near.  Diffuse the blend, spritz it into the air, or pet onto animals that you have authorization to use oils on.  
  • Please note – we never recommend the use of oils on animals who you do not have the authority to make decisions for.  For example, if you are babysitting your neighbors dog – please do not apply any oils topically to the dog without prior discussion with the owner and their direct approval.  We generally do not have concern with water-based diffusion of essential oils.  Items such as air fresheners and cleaners can truly be much more harmful than any essential oil being placed into the air, and so we often place the diffusion of essential oils into this more “benign” category.  However, topical application can be a much more intense and direct use of oils – and should only be done with permission.  Wearing the essential oil yourself is also not a concern.
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