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Consultation - Business

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Here is a guideline for consultations with Chelsea Kent for business advice:

- All consult fees must be paid in advance.  

- Consults must be completed within 90 days of purchase or payment is forfeited. 

- You may ask up to 6 questions. They must be emailed in advance to Chelsea may request revisions of your questions if they are vague or if she does not believe the answers are going to be helpful to you.  

- Consults can be done via email or phone.  

- Consults must be scheduled in advance.  Once you have a paid for your consult, scheduling will be completed asap.  

- You may submit follow up or clarifying questions within 2 weeks of the consultation.  Questions must be submitted in email.  

- Chelsea Kent has experience with the following types of businesses:

* Retail

* Sales and Consumer Relationships

* Distribution and Reps

* Manufacturing 

* Lab and Data Analysis

* Education and Teaching

* Advocacy

* Government and Regulator relations 

- Business consultations do not intend to guarantee anything. They are informational only and what you do with, or how you succeed with the information is up to you.