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Due to the extremely high volume of consultations we are experiencing, we require online or over-the-phone consultations to submit a deposit. If you pay for a consult, 50% of your Consult Fee may be applied to product purchases with Hero's Pets.*

Here is a guideline for consultations with Hero's Pets product and nutrition specialists:

- In person (in store) consults are free.

An average first time consult (in store, email or phone) is 1-2 hours. We attempt to be as generous as possible with our time because we truly want to help you as much as we possibly can. Unfortunately, in an effort to assist as many Pet Parents as possible we must put limitations on consult times (listed below). Thank you for your understanding. Also, thank you for helping our small, woman-owned business to continue serving others by shopping with us instead of with the many corporate giants that we know are out there begging to bring stuff straight to your door. 

Additionally, we prefer email consults for 2 reasons - 1) We have a lot of non-consult calls to answers, too, 2) More importantly, we want you to be able to reference all the information we gave you later.  We often inspire that "deer in the headlights" look and we want you to be able to absorb everything at your own pace - email allows you go back at any time and use the information as you're ready to.

- EMAIL and/or PHONE Consults

Free - first email reply up to two paragraphs is free. We limit free consults to two back and forth emails (two from you, two from us).**

Introductory - This consultation will help you with Budget and Convenience considerations with foods, treats, chews, toys, and all other pet products. We will help you identify the best products for you, how to most effectively use them to save you time and money, and ensure that they collectively fit your budget comfortably. (After you answer all our questions, this is limited to 3 emails from you, 3 from us - or 25 scheduled minutes on the phone)

Basic - This consultation will help you with everything listed in the Introductory consultation, in addition to assistance finding products near you if you are not in our area and we cannot ship products to you directly. Additionally, we can help you with basic issues including: age/size appropriate chews, comprehensive caloric intake analysis and guidance, basic health issues (allergies, digestive issues, calming, illness/infection/infestation, kidney/liver/other organs involved in minor or beginning disease states, joint/inflammation and dental issues***), and/or proper storage and use of edible products. (After you answer all our questions, this is limited to 4 emails from you, 4 from us - or 60 scheduled minutes on the phone)

Comprehensive - This consultation will help you with everything mentioned in Introductory and Basic consultations as well as behavioral issues, consultation support from outside Veterinary and Scientific sources (if necessary), specialty product recommendations and use (CBD/Essential Oils/Flower Essences/Herbs/Whole Food Supplements***), and/or regulatory information and/or guidance. (After you answer all our questions, this is limited to 1 week of email exchanges, or 1 week of up to 3 scheduled phone calls (25 minute limit per call))

Advanced - This consultation covers all the things covered in Introductory, Basic and Comprehensive consults in addition to assistance with Ketogenic Diets, Diet Formulations/Modifications, Homeopathics, Cancers or Seizures, Milk Diets, and/or direct Veterinary Interactions, as requested.*** (After you answer all of our questions, this is limited to 4 weeks of email exchanges, or up to 3 weeks of 2 scheduled phone calls per week (25 minute limit per call))

*Consult Fee credits cannot be applied toward any form of shipping fees or additional consulting services

**Free email/phone consults do not include detailed math that is specific to your situation

*** We do not intend to treat, cure or prevent diseases. We work in collaboration with you based on the information you supply us with. We generally ask to see Veterinary diagnostic data so we are sure that we understand your situation as clearly as possible. We do not accept Veterinary appointments where pets are inspected or diagnosed - therefore, we are only able to provide you with the best possible holistic and/or nutritional support (not available at Veterinary facilities) and/or referrals to unique and specialized Veterinary facilities.