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Go Cat Carry & Toss Toys

Go Cat Carry & Toss Toys

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The Chase Rattle & Roll toys are a fun rattle ball that your cat will love to chase. The texture of the balls and the rattle noise are perfect for your little hunter. These toys encourage your cat to play which provides physical exercise, keeping them happy and healthy. Mesh balls measure 2.5 inches. Assorted colors.

Go Cat Flying Comet cat toy is a colorful super bounce ball measuring 1 1/2 inches that has ribbon tails for added interest. Your kitty will go bonkers when you throw this. Balls are all different colors. Made in USA. Go Cat Flying Comet Ball Bright & Colorful Great cat ball that will keep your kitty entertained for hours.

Another great toy from the makers of the Da Bird. Da Fur Thing is the best both worlds for your feline friend its a rabbit fur and feather toy stuffed with catnip. A fantastic toy to interact with your kitty for play and exercise. Colors may vary. Da Fur Thing is handcrafted in the USA from top quality materials.

These fun toys are colorful ping pong balls filled with rice and catnip to create an irresistible rattle and have a furry tail attached for added interest. Your kitty will shake, rattle, and roll for hours! Colors will vary. Balls and fur are multi-colored. Fun Bonding Exercise for cats Tantalizing Feathers add Intrigue for your cat satisfies your cat or kitten's need to Bond! This cat feather toy lets your cat exercise hunting needs!

Toss it in the air and it will Kopter down and your kitty will have fun watching it spinning to the ground. The Kitty Kopter is handcrafted with Go Cat care from pheasant feathers which creates guaranteed flying fun!

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