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Honey I'm Home Honey-Coated Chews

Honey I'm Home Honey-Coated Chews

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We only use simple, easy to read ingredients like Buffalo and Honey. You can be confident that your dog is getting the nutrients it needs from the best dog treat possible.

Honey-Coated Buffalo Ear - These full-sized buffalo ears are not cut or split, so you are getting the entire ear every time. These delicious rewards are chews your dog will love!

Water Buffalo Bully Stick - Our Bully Sticks deliver a protein-rich chewing experience dogs absolutely love! High digestibility and the chewing helps promote healthy teeth and gums.

Honey-Coated Buffalo Horn Core - A long-lasting, unique chew that bridges the gap between really hard antlers and softer bully sticks. Our delicious Horn Core will keep your dog busy and is the perfect alternative to chewing your shoes!

The horn core is packed keratin and minerals your dog needs such as calcium and phosphorus. INGREDIENTS: Buffalo horn bone, honey,
natural honey flavor, amylogum, potassium sorbate SIZE: 3.5 Ounces, 1 p


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