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Wapiti Labs

Wapiti Elk Velvet Cat

Wapiti Elk Velvet Cat

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Wapiti Labs Vital Formula naturally supports joint & hip function for cats. Wapiti Labs natural blend of Elk Velvet Antler and traditional herbs is formulated to support positive joint function and normal health and function of the kidneys for cats. Concentrated powder formula.

Key Benefits

  • Naturally supports the first stage of life in cats
  • Supports normal renal function and health, a healthy immune system, and normal circulation while promoting long-term health
  • Formulated for cats in the first stage of life who suddenly quit using their litter box, or who suddenly become unhappy
  • Natural blend of Elk Velvet Antler and traditional herbs is developed to help support joint flexibility and normal kidney function, connective tissue health, normal stamina and endurance, normal function and health of the liver and kidneys, eye function, and even normal thyroid function
  • Concentrated powder formula for easy feeding


Clears and expands the chest for easy breathing.

Based on a time-tested, traditional Eastern Holistic formulas, this concentrated liquid supplement is formulated with natural herbal ingredients to help support normal respiratory function and health.

  • Helps support normal respiratory function and health
  • Warms the lungs
  • Harmonizes the stomach
  • Helps clear and expand the chest for easy breathing
  • Promotes urination and resolves dampness
  • We use a glycerin extraction process for our tinctures instead of alcohol

Formulated for:

  • Cats that have occasional/seasonal allergies
  • Cats that have runny noses, ears and eyes
  • Cats that have or will be boarded in a boarding facility

Cautions: Not to be used on a dry cough.

Available as a concentrated liquid formula. We do not use synthetic ingredients, and we do use a proprietary process that allows us to retain key organic compounds and nutrients.


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