Pomegranate Juice Extract

Pomegranate Juice Extract naturally adjusts hormone levels, increases blood circulation and decreases inflammation

We’ve heard reports of Pomegranate Juice alone resolving (in two weeks or less… proven by x-rays) testosterone based cancers such as Lung and Testicular.

Studies have shown that Pomegranate Juice significantly increases Testosterone levels.  This sounds great if you’re a man but if you’re a woman it makes you think, “whoa heck no.” However, from the flowers to the peel to the juice and pericarb the components of Pomegranate are actually shown to support and modulate hormones and hormone balance. They’re high in phytoestrogens, punic acid (similar to Conjugated Linoleic Acid) which has potent fat burning abilities (you know how most men do it) and anti-inflammatory benefits. It also contains apigenin which calms, decreases anxiety and has anti-depressive effects. Virtually all “girl problem” health concerns could potentially be cleared with Pomegranate. 

THAT SAID, in some cases estrogen is the devil and on another day I’ll bore the heck out of you with those shenanigans (wear your spinney slinky goggles for that talk cuz it’s a ridiculous rabbit hole of confusion).  But estrogen can be difficult to identify as an actual culprit due to way that substances such as Serotonin can mimic its awful life-ruining effects. 

While an estrogen or testosterone supplement will force the body to react to one or the other via direct supplementation you’re very likely to cause more problems than you resolve.  But if we go back to nature and tell man to bugger off and stop trying to create things something as simple and nature-made as Pomegranate MODULATES and BALANCES hormones rather than forcing an increase in one or another. 

This seems, to me, like the safest option.  In a world of hormones that we humans will NEVER understand, no matter how much we know, go with nature.  If nature made its probably good.  If man made it, I’m gonna assume it’s probably going to cause a problem.