& Classes

$2 in-store credits for each class purchased
Sign up a friend and receive $5 in credit towards additional classes or non-food products in the store
Attend any of the following classes and receive a 25% discount on a related class.

Raw Food: The physiology of why it’s healthy, the importance of raw food to health and the environment and brand suggestions (how to know what you’re buying)
90 minutes, $35

Nutritional Math: How to determine the number of calories to feed each day, how many cups are in a package, how long a package will last, monthly budgeting, caloric additions, calculating carbs and much more.

120 minutes, $90

Ketogenic Diets: Learn about the pros and cons of using a ketogenic diet, how to calculate percentages and ratios, total caloric intake, problems and solutions, fluctuating macros for long term health, and much more... 

120 minutes, $120


Vaccinations: What they’re for. The pro’s and con’s of getting them. Treatments for reactions and alternative treatments.
90 minutes, $20

Anxiety: Causes of Anxiety, Methods to Reduce It, and Herbs of Interest
90 minutes, $25
You may also be interested in joining a Doggie Work-Out Meet up Group as high anxiety pets tend to chill out after exercise.

Heavy Chewers: How to Keep them Safe, What Treats to Offer Them and Accident Prevention
30 minutes, $10
You may also be interested in joining a Doggie Work-Out Meet up Group

Digestion: The Physiology of Digestion and its Relativity to Long-Term, Full-Body Health
90 minutes, $35

The Naughty Leash Walker: Methods to Make it Easy
30 minutes, $50

Health Care for your Pet: Pet Insurance, Veterinarians and Alternative Treatment Resource Class
30 minutes, $20

Green Smoothies for You and Your Pet: Benefits, Recipes and Making it Easy
45 minutes. $10

How to know if you’re getting what you think you’re getting: Questions to ask to find out if the products you are purchasing are really safe and quality.
90 minutes, $20

Eye Stains: Prevention and Treatment
30 minutes, $15

Competitive Environments: Understanding the in’s and out’s of bacteria and pathogens
30 minutes, $30

Allergies: Causes and Treatments for those Irritating Itches
30 minutes, $85

What’s Really In Pet Food? Rules and Regulations of USA regulatory agencies and what could be lurking in your pets’ food
30 minutes, $20

Outdoor Safety: Snake Bites, Wildlife Diseases, Common Injuries and Protection
30 minutes, $20

Infections and First Aid: Dealing with Minor Issues at Home
30 minutes, $55

Dental Health: The importance of maintaining oral health and at home “how to” tips
30 minutes, $15

Picky Paws: How to Handle a Finicky Eater
30 minutes, $15

Your Best Friend and Your Vacation: Taking vs. Leaving your Pet, Safety, and Resources
30 minute, $20

Chinese Product Production: The rules and regulations of various countries and what they produce
45 minutes, $15

Joints: Maintaining healthy joints and reversing existing wear and tear
1 hour, $15

Adopting and Fostering: Learn about the benefits and “how to’s”
30 minutes, $10

Herbs: Basic herbal information and resources to help with basic problems such as inflammation, allergies, pain and detoxification
1.5 hours, $85

Mushrooms: Benefits and Uses of Healing Mushrooms for Pets
30 minutes, $45

Synthetics: The Dangers of Synthetic Ingredients and How to Avoid Them
30 minutes, $15