Dr. Jen's Carbon 60 Antioxidant in Avocado Oil

Dr. Jen's Carbon 60 Antioxidant in Avocado Oil

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Carbon60 is also known as C60. It is a molecule composed of 60 carbon atoms arranged in a unique structure called a fullerene. Preliminary studies and anecdotal reports suggest that it has antioxidant properties. This means it can neutralize harmful free radicals in the body.

The exact mechanism of how Carbon60 exerts its effects is not fully understood. It is believed to function as an antioxidant by accepting and donating electrons, effectively scavenging free radicals, and preventing damage to cells and tissues. I often describe it like charcoal… it grabs onto junk in the system and helps detoxify it from the body. Charcoal, though, can also grab important nutrients and pull them from the body, making it less than ideal for regular use. Carbon60 assists with detoxification without contributing to nutritional deficiencies.

Who should use it?

This may help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, potentially benefiting overall health. This makes it particularly beneficial for individuals with:

  • Cancer
  • Poor resistance to infections (bacterial or viral)
  • Elevated liver enzymes
  • Exposure to toxins (including seasonal chemicals and food additives) 
  • Herpes (cats)
  • Anemia
  • Blood diseases
  • Those that are new to high altitude


In general, you can recommend 15 single drops per 10lbs of body weight per day. This is a little over ½ of ¼ tsp 

It can be mixed with food or fed alone or in a broth or milk.

Carrier Oils:

Carbon60 is dissolved in a carrier oil for better absorption and ease of use.

The Carbon60 that we carry is in Avocado oil, which is rich in monounsaturated fats and contains various vitamins and minerals, making it a great choice.

Compared to some other carrier oils, such as soybean oil or vegetable oil, avocado oil is less likely to undergo oxidative damage when exposed to heat or light, which can affect its overall quality. There is some evidence that Carbon60 degrades into pseudo-toxic substances in Olive Oil. Dr. Jen Hartley selected Avocado Oil due to the concerns associated with Olive and other carrier oils.

Avocado Oil is also rich in the amino acid Lysine, which is known to help eliminate issues with herpes in cats, and increase red blood cell production in those that are anemic, new to high altitudes, or suffering from blood diseases. Keep in mind that Lysine supplements are almost always sourced from genetically modified, chemically treated corn.