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Ganz Wall Plaque

Ganz Wall Plaque

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New to Ganz? We got you!

Ganz is the one-stop shop for personal gifts, memorial plaques, stuffed animals and garden figurines. All of our Ganz figurines have been hand-picked by staff and shipped to you with care and love. Shop Ganz today!

More about the Company: Ganz

Established by Samuel Ganz and sons Jack and Sam in 1950, this privately-held family company is now headed by the founder's grandson, Howard Ganz. Corporate Headquarters are located in Toronto, Canada, with U.S. offices in Atlanta and Los Angeles, and overseas offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

As the story begins... shortly after WWII, Samuel Ganz made his way to New York City, while his sons Sam and Jack, settled in Toronto. On one of his visits to see them, Samuel brought along a doll he had seen produced in New York. After making a few contacts, and holding discussions, Ganz Toys was in business!

Ganz Toys rose to become the premier toy company in Canada, producing high quality goods following high safety standards.

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