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Green Juju

Green Juju

Green Juju

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Just Greens

This blend uses organic dark leafy greens and human grade bison bone broth. Bison is a novel protein and great for sensitive pups.

Ingredients:  organic celery, organic zucchini, organic kale, organic dandelion greens, organic parsley bison bone broth, organic coconut oil, organic lemon, organic turmeric, organic ginger.

    Guaranteed analysis:

    • Crude Protein (min)  1.82%     
    • Crude Fat (max)  1.31%
    • Crude Fiber (min)  1.3%               
    • Moisture (max) 91.8%
    • Carbohydrates - 3.77%
    • Calories - 11.4kcals/oz

    Bailey's Blend

    Bailey’s blend offers the same anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant rich, detoxifying and gut supporting properties as the original Just Greens blend but uses different ingredients to provide a broader range of nutrients. This blend uses human grade organic turkey bone broth to offer a different protein source.

    Ingredients:  organic cucumber, organic green cabbage, organic broccoli, organic turkey bone broth, organic cilantro, organic chard, organic coconut oil, organic blueberries, organic turmeric, organic lemon.

      Guaranteed analysis:

      • Crude Protein (min)  1.74%     
      • Crude Fat (max)  1.74
      • Crude Fiber (min)  0.78%               
      • Moisture (max) 91.3%
      • Carbohydrates - 4.44%
      • Calories - 12.4kcals/oz

      Golden Blend

      A frozen whole food supplement made with vibrant orange organic vegetables, including butternut squash, golden beets and turmeric with duck bone broth. 

      Why are we so excited about our new Golden Blend? What makes it so special and different from our other blends?
      Here's what you can look forward to:

      •  Healthy mix of yellow and orange vegetables including squash, golden beets, and turmeric
      • Duck bone broth and organic coconut oil for extra healthy fats and protein
      • Bigger diversity of plants in your dog's diet means a better microbiome
      • High in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber

      Ingredients: Organic butternut squash, organic celery, duck bone broth, organic cauliflower, organic golden beets, organic coconut oil, organic apple cider vinegar, organic ginger, organic turmeric.


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