Animal Essentials - Milk Thistle

Animal Essentials - Milk Thistle

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Supports normal function an health of the liver. Milk Thistle is a seed that contains a component called Silymarin, which is the only substance known to mankind that is capable of repairing damaged liver cells. This product supports detoxification of the body and restoration of the liver. 

In very, very rare cases pets may have an allergy to Milk Thistle (as it is related to ragweed... though in our experience a ragweed allergy does not equate to a milk thistle allergy).  In the event that your pet consumes a Milk Thistle product and has an increase in allergy symptoms (runny eyes, sneezing, reverse sneezing, digestive disturbance, chewing, etc) discontinue use to see if symptoms resolve.  If discontinuation does not resolve symptoms the symptoms are likely unrelated and use may continue.  If you believe your pet is allergic to Milk Thistle but you'd like to continue providing a liver supporting herbal blend consider Elemental Provisions Regrow. 


Animal Essential liquid Herbal Blends are Human-Grade, Certified Organic or ethically Wild Harvested, Tested for purity in a USA-based analytic lab and are selected and formulated specifically for animals by Veterinarians and leading experts. 

Sustainability is of high importance to Animal Essentials and they closely track each ingredients to ensure that growing and harvesting is done in a manner that honors sustainability and helps improve quality of life in communities of their origin. Once received, all herbs are subject to identity verification and quality testing by an independent analytical laboratory for microbials, contaminants, molds/yeasts, pathogens, and total platelets.

Active Ingredients per 1ml (1 dropperful):

  • Milk Thistle Seed* 1:4... 250mg
  • Silymarin 30mg (This is a component of Milk Thistle, not an additional ingredient)

*Certified organic herbs

Inactive ingredients: Vegetable glycerin USP, Distilled water, Grain Alcohol 40% by Volume

(Glycerin gives this product a sweet taste, which makes it easy to give to pets... even cats)

Directions: Squirt direction into mouth or add a small amount to food or water. 

Dosage: Dogs under 30lbs - 0.25-0.5ml, over 30lbs - 0.5-1ml. Cats - 0.25-0.5ml

Cautions: Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. If animals condition worsens or does not improve, discontinue use and consult your veterinarian.