Hero's Pets Food Product Standards - What we do and don't carry!

"Why don't you carry products I usually buy?!?"

So, we don't have your product, and we are asking you to try a different product.
How could we do this to you? Why don't we just carry popular brands for convenience?

Well, once upon a time (in 2007) Hero’s Pets opened with a challenging and unusual mission (so unusual we almost broke The Bank of Mom to get funding) for a new type of pet supply store. Our idea was to use our pet health interests to carve out a niche for "better" products. (Click here to see how we define "better")

Let;s Sell products so new no one has even heard of them yet!

Our mission is to use our tiny space and our huge personal commitment to promote products that we believe in. . . Products so new, unique or customized that they require one on one personal explanation for selection and use. Many of the companies we carry have no marketing strategies or press packages. They are not focused on profit or big business plans. What they do have is the desire and ability to make outstanding products, for a variety of personal reasons (Our manufacturers each have a story, and we will tell it if you ask us.) Many of them built their recipes and crafted their products for the love of one particular pet with a health problem, or an allergy, or a preference they couldn't satisfy with mass produced products. Some simply wanted to use their local resources to make unique or environmentally friendly alternatives to common products.

Pets worth making new products for

What do all these companies have in common?

Well, a personal investment in the quality of their products, for one thing. . . But, more relevant to you when you first walk into Hero's Pets is that they were probably NOT what you came looking for. Many of them, you'd never even know existed if you hadn't visited our store. You haven't seen them on TV, in any magazine ads, or even merchandising displays at a big box stores. In fact, if you've seen any marketing of them at all, it might have been made entirely by Hero's Pets (courtesy of our family graphic design and marketing mastermind.)

Here at Hero's Pets we have enjoyed the blessing of many resources. People committed to education, service, design and product research all contribute to achieving our mission of not only selling high quality, natural pet foods and supplies, but actually going above and beyond the standard of what is “natural.” We start with the word natural and then we dig for more information. (We actually send each company a questionnaire.) Then, we try to put it into formats useful to you.

information from us to you

Choosing only the best of the best products for your pet is not always easy for us, or for our customers. Hero’s Pets patrons are certainly some adventurous, open-minded and quality seeking types of people. We really respect and admire our customers for these values which bring us together in search of good things.

There are many products that we would like to carry because they are well promoted by their manufacturers and popular because of their advertising and wide distribution. Those are the kind of products that come to a store with the work already done, ready to sell themselves. There is no promotion or explanation necessary, and they don't need any dedicated educators to sell them. Many of these familiar products are ones that we appreciate because they are a great introduction to “better” options than conventional offerings one might find in big box and grocery stores. However, our mission is to seek out the very best product in every niche: every type of product for every budget.
Thank you for taking such good care of me. - Your Pet
We have so much gratitude for our customers, for taking this journey with us, as we explore the best natural, sustainable, local, ethical and healthy products that we can possibly find for your pet.

Thank you so much for reading this and letting us tell you our story.

Want Details?

We have created the following article to cover a few of the main points that prevent most products from finding a place on our shelves. Please ask in the store or use the form at top left on our website to inquire further. We are always happy to answer questions or give free consultations about specific health questions.
We look into every company (including those we don’t sell): We look into every company (including those we don’t sell):

    • Recall history
    • Quality control
    • Manufacturing standards and practices
    • Quality, ethical sourcing
    • Charitable donations
    • Eco-consciousness
    • Ethics, and more

~See below for a list of products we don’t sell~

cute puppy

One example of a question we might require a company to answer might be: “Is your “natural” Vitamin E preservative preserved with propylene glycol or sourced from GMO soy?”
Yes, it's true, they may have actually used a chemical preservative to preserve their natural preservative! This is a good example of why we have to pry obsessively into the manufacturing and sourcing processes for each product. We have spent decades in the pet supply industry learning which questions can determine if you’re actually getting the product that the label seems to describe.

Labeling a protein as a "meal" can be deceiving and is actually less important than the source and processing of the protein ingredients. Factors such as “is your fish preserved with ethoxyquin prior to your purchase of it?” may have much greater consequence, because if the company didn’t add the ingredient themselves they are not required to list it on the label.

We take the time to educate ourselves, and consumers, about WHY many popular brands aren’t as healthy as they make themselves appear to be. We’re here to help you find the right products for you and your family. We specialize in helping to maintain health and working with illnesses via nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, flower essences, aromatherapy, and moderating environmental factors we tend to forget about. We encourage you to do as we do, which is to not only ask the retailer, but also the company and manufacturer tough questions. We also believe that ultimately it is our responsibility to make sure you are informed before you decide on a product that we have presented in our store. If we know there is ANY chance that your pet might get sick, not thrive, or otherwise not benefit from a product we won’t carry it no matter how well advertised it is.

cute kitten

Ask questions about your (human) products too. Labeling is deceiving. Companies want to sell their product with the highest possible margin, so they may make it as difficult as possible to compare the true qualities of products by using confusing terms that are meaningless or legally undefined like "supreme", "premium" or "natural".

See our chart of standards for more details. We are always happy to snoop around and get more answers to your questions. We recognize that things change, and even product lines that we sell sometimes end up sadly changing practices and being removed from our store. For questions or comments about specific products please send us an email at info@herospets.com or click on our consultation box.

After all, your money and your health are valuable, and every time you spend a dollar you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want to live in.


Products we DON'T sell:

The following Brands are placed in order. From the top = products closer to (but not quite) meeting our standards, to the bottom = “there are no words for the horror”, in our humble opinion. (We are passionate about health, so we get extremely disappointed when companies find clever ways to cut costs at the expense of your pet’s health.)

If you have no access to any of the brands we recommend, and you cannot order online, then we recommend you try to use a brand closest to the top of the list.

If you want information regarding any of these companies let us know and we’d be happy to email it.

Steve's Real Food (HPP)

Earthborn Holistic (low meat ratios)

Wysong   (Questionable ingredient quality & ratios)

I and love and you/ Only Natural Pet (Questionable Sourcing)

Zignature (High ratio of anti-nutrients)

Lotus (High ratio of anti-nutrients)

Great Life (recently sold to Lone Star)  (Added anti-nutrients)

Grandma Lucy’s (Low meat ratios)

Nutrisource/ Natural Planet Organics (High ratio of anti-nut)

Petcurean/ Go!/ Now (High ratio of anti-nutrients)

Primal                                     (*HPP)

Northwest Naturals                       (*HPP)

Stella & Chewy's                              (*HPP)

Fresh Pet (Mold contamination, 2015, many deaths)

Life’s Abundance (High ratio of anti-nutrients & fillers)

Canidae (Pure)  (Involved in Melamine Recall)

Pet Guard, Lifespan, Lifepath        (High in filler ingredients)

Nature’s Logic (Refused to recall plastic contaminated food)

Nulo (Mass production decreases sourcing quality)

Wild Calling/ Zoic (Purchases low quality meats)

Evanger’s (Recalled for Pentobarbitol, 2017)

Owned by Central Garden & Pet Supply:(Few recalls but mass production decreases quality sourcing)

Avoderm, Breeder’s Choice, Pinnacle, Newman’s Own

Owned by Catterton Partners/WellPet(This company has numerous recalls on FDA.gov)

Wellness, Wellness Core, Eagle pack, Nature’s Variety, Instinct, (*HPP), Sojos

Products made by High Tek**:

(This company uses meat-by-products and they have  failed to provide evidence of clean manufacturing)

High Tek Rations, High Tek Naturals, Leonard Powell Signature, Perfectly Natural Dog, Life4K9, Intimidator, Premium Blend, Tom Boy, Good Dog, Defender

Products owned by Ainsworth Pet Nutrition**:

(This product line uses multiple common allergens, has high levels of anti-nutrients and low quality “filler” ingredients)

Rachael Ray – Nutrish, Just 6, Back to Basics, Source

… continue on next column…

Diamond Pet Foods:

(This company has constant recalls and it’s the only company in history to cause illness in HUMANS via pathogen contaminated products (2007, 2012))

Diamond, Diamond Naturals, Taste of the Wild, Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul, Kirkland, Nature’s Domain

Products made by Diamond Pet Foods:

(Blue Buffalo has been recalled for Vitamin D toxicity (2015), Lead Contamination (2017) and was sued by Purina for $32 million for false advertising (2014))

Solid Gold, Blue Buffalo/ Wilderness, Premium Edge

(Literally hundreds of products recalled listed on FDA.gov)

Biljac, Biljac Frozen, Authority, Dr. Foster’s and Smith, Apex, Redbarn

Products owned by Colgate-Palmolive**:

(yup, the toothpaste company):

(Uses numerous chemical and highly allergenic ingredients. According to the Department of Agriculture, Prescription Food is “only a marketing term used by manufacturers” and there is no difference between prescription and grocery store pet foods)

Science Diet, Hill’s, Ideal Balance, Nature’s Best, Prescription Diets

Products owned by Mars**:

(yup, the candy company)

(Lawsuit for false advertising, 2016. Lawsuit for killing employees with toxic chemical contamination during food production, 2015-2017, among others)

Did you know MARS owns ¾ of all American Veterinary Facilities? How can vets make money on healthy animals?)

Eukanuba & Iams, Halo (but we love Ellen DeGeneres) Spot’s Stew, Nutro, Natural Choice, Nutro Max, Nutro Ultra, Greenies, Cesar, Pedigree, Whiskas, Temptations, Crave, Sheba, Excel, Royal Canin**, Sensible Choice, Waltham, The Goodlife Recipe

- Natura, Innova, Evo, Kumpi, California Natural,

Healthwise. Mother Nature (Sold to Mars by Proctor & Gamble in 2015 this line was discontinued due to 2 years of constant recalls)

Products owned by Nestle**:

(yup, the candy company… rated one of the top 10 most unethical companies in the world 1977, 2007, 2015) (We also recommend viewing these brands on Consumer Affairs):

Merrick, Whole Earth Farms, Castor and Pollux

Organix, Natural Ultramix, Good Buddy

Purina and sub-brands: - Prescription Veterinary Diets, Alpo, ProPlan, ONE, Fancy Feast, Dog Chow, Cat Chow, Beneful, Friskies, Mighty Dog, DeliCat, HiPro, Kit’n’ Kaboodle, Tender Vittles

Products owned by Delmonte- Heinz**:

(You got it, the ketchup!)

(Lawsuits for pet deaths in 2007, 2008, 2012, 2013 and 2018 (for pentobarbitol in foods (only found in euthanized pets)))

Kibbles n’Bits, Natural Balance, 9 Lives, Nature’s Recipe, Meow Mix, Milkbone, Milo’s Kitchen, Puperoni, Gravy Train, Snausages, Canine Carryouts, Pounce, Wagwells, Cycle, Skippy, Canyon Creek Ranch


** Uses Corn Gluten Meal which is registered with the US EPA as a Toxic Chemical Substance and monitored under the TCSA of 1990.



Frozen Brands that we DON'T HAVE (they don’t meet our standards and may cause Endocrine Disorders):

Stella & Chewy's         Primal           Stewart's           Nature's Variety Instinct     Tucker’s       Bravo    Nature’s Logic      

These brands all high pressure pasteurize (HPP).  To do this they MUST force plastics (endocrine inhibitors) into the food, increasing the chance of the pet developing an endocrine disorder such as pancreatitis, diabetes, thyroid disorders, parathyroid disorders, spleen issues, etc.  Additionally, the H.P.P. process temporarily and potentially destroys pathogens but only immediately after manufacture.  It makes the food MORE likely to have pathogen overgrowth once it gets to the consumer.  Additionally, the FDA clearly states that pathogen concerns are for the safety of PEOPLE, not pets, as pets tolerate pathogens well… there are actually substantially more pathogens in grocery store meats that you cook at home that there are in products made for pets per the FDA Zero Tolerance Policy on pathogens that has been in place for years. For more information about the science around HPP please visit our HPP Blog page.


Frozen ALL Meat/Muscle/Bone (no other ingredients):

Anderson's - Available in Beef for dogs and cats.  Available in 1lb Chubs only. Sourced and Made in CO. Anti-biotic free, hormone free, free-roaming, grass fed, vaccine free, Temple Grandin standards (animals are humanely raised and never put on a truck for any reason), endocrine inhibitor free meat

Small Batch – Available in Rabbit, Turkey, Chicken, Duck, Lamb and Beef.  Available in 2lb and 5lb Chubs.  Anti-biotic and hormone free, made in California  

Frozen Complete Diets:

Solutions Pet Food - Coming Soon!

Anderson's - Available in Beef, Bison, Lamb, Pork or Elk Blends for dogs and Beef, Bison, Lamb and Pork for cats. Available in 1lb chubs, 2lb chubs, 2oz sliders, 8oz patties or 2lb chubs in bulk packaging. Standards listed above. Contains 10% fruits and veggies... all sourced fresh in Colorado. No preservatives.

Marty’s Meals - Available in Rabbit, Venison, Beef, Chicken, Kangaroo, Goat, Bison and more for dogs or Chicken, Turkey, Rabbit or Beef for cats. Available in 1lb or 2lb chubs. Made in Colorado and New Mexico with all non-GMO and Organic ingredients.  Anti-biotic free, hormone free. Contains Quinoa. These come in fully raw or gentle cooked blends (great for picky eaters and ill pets)

Raw Bistro - Available in Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Lamb and Bison. Available in 2oz sliders or 8oz patties. Made in Cannon Falls, MN. 

Small Batch - Available in Lamb, Duck, Rabbit, Turkey, Beef and Chicken for dogs or cats.  Available in 8oz patties, nibbles or 1oz sliders and 18lb boxes of patties (special order) Made in CA. Anti-biotic free, hormone free

Rawr - Available in Chicken, Turkey, Duck or Rabbit for cats. Available in 8oz, 16oz and 32oz tubs. Made in California. 

OC Raw - Available in Chicken, Chicken/Fish, Turkey, Beef, Lamb, Fish, Goat, and Rabbit. Available in 8oz patties. Made in Orange County, CA.  Contains 15% fruits and veggies. Anti-biotic free, hormone free



~Raw Bones in Beef and Bison in



4"(4pk or 2pk),       

8" (1pk),

8" split (2pk),         

Knuckles (2pk),      

Knee caps (2pk), (beef only)

Ribs (2lb & 1lb half sizes), (beef only)                  

Tendon's (2-3pk), (beef only)

Cartilage (1-4pk), (beef only)

Scapula (2pk) (beef only)                         

~ Lamb Shanks (1/2 size or whole)

~ Organ Squares    

~ Tripe Squares

~ Locally made Keto cubes by Preserve Love Bites

~Turkey necks (whole or 1/2 size) and chicken necks (whole)

~Whole Sardines   

~Pro-biotic Frozen Yogurt (low fat) and Bone Brew cups

~Locally made Bone Broths in Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Fish or Turkey 

(Want to make your own bone broth?  Purchase Anderson’s raw bones and cook on your stove for 48 hours then remove the fat layer from the top.  Anderson’s raw bones are 100% Grass-fed, antibiotic free, hormone free, vaccine free, humanely raised in Colorado by Colorado ranchers and are INTENDED TO BE USED RAW so they are regulated better to protect from pathogen proliferation.  For higher collagen/gelatin content (the part that helps the joints) use Anderson’s Cartilage Squares or Solutions Jellies)

~Raw Goat Milk – cultured from Pennsylvania. More info below

~Cow Milk Kefir – Made in Pennsylvania

~ Bone Broths

~ Raw Goat Milk Yogurt by Marty's Meals


Dehydrated/ Freeze Dried/ Air Dried Raw Foods:

K9 Naturals - Available in Beef, Beef/Hoki, Chicken, Lamb, Lamb/Salmon, Puppy (Beef/Hoki), Beef Tripe, or Lamb Tripe for dogs. Available in Chicken/Lamb, Lamb/Salmon or Beef/Hoki for cats.  “Goose Poop” shape - soft. Made in New Zealand.

Ziwi Peak - Available in Venison, Mackerel/Lamb, Lamb, Lamb/Tripe, Chicken, Beef, Otago Valley blend, Haruki Plains blend or East Cape blend in 3oz, 16oz, 2.2lb, 5.5lb and 8.8lb, or in 14oz or 2.2lb sizes for cats. Made only without fruits or veggies. Meat jerky squares.  Made in New Zealand.

Raw Bistro - Available in Beef, Chicken, Turkey or Lamb. Rectangular crunchy bits. Made in Cannon Falls, MN. 

Carna4 - Available in Fish, Duck, Chicken, Goat & Lamb. Made in Canada.  Carna4 is heated at low-temperatures for only 4 minutes and molded into a kibble-like pellet for ease of use. It contains no synthetics, is lab tested for nutritional adequacy and probiotic/enzyme survivorship after production, and uses a sprouted seed base to increase nutrient content and decrease anti-nutrient load. It is the most affordable product produced at low-heat with fresh ingredients. 

Simple Food Project - Available in Beef/Salmon, Duck/Trout, and Chicken/Turkey for dogs or cats. Available in 14oz for cats, or 3lb or 6lb for dogs. Veterinary formulated and manufactured in Wisconsin. 

Small Batch – Available in Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Duck and Turkey medallions or nibbles for cats or dogs. Made in California.

The Honest Kitchen – Available in Beef, Fish, Duck, Chicken (also for cats) or Turkey (also for cats) with or without grains.  Very finely ground. Made in CA. Lightly cooked.


Dry Foods: Please refer to our “Dry Kibble Foods and Why You Might Reconsider Using Them” document to learn why we recommend not using or minimizing use of dry foods in your pets diet to optimize health.

Carna4 - Available in Fish, Duck, Chicken, Goat & Lamb. Made in Canada.  Carna4 is heated at low-temperatures for only 4 minutes and molded into a kibble-like pellet for ease of use. It contains no synthetics, is lab tested for nutritional adequacy and probiotic/enzyme survivorship after production, and uses a sprouted seed base to increase nutrient content and decrease anti-nutrient load. It is the most affordable product produced at low-heat with fresh ingredients. This product focuses on sustainability and ethics as well as the health of your pet first. 

Open Farm - Available in Chicken/Turkey, Salmon, Lamb, Pork, Beef or seasonal Whitefish for dogs and cats. Kibbles are round and small. This company focuses on sustainability and ethics.  

Horizon/Pulsar - Available in grain free, lentil base... Chicken, Fish, Pork, Lamb or Turkey. Kibbles are round and moderate size. The Horizon Legacy has more meat than Pulsar, otherwise they are the same.  Made in Canada from regionally sourced, farm raised, never frozen ingredients with no preservatives



Please feel free to request more information from us regarding American standards vs those of Thailand, Canada or New Zealand.  Our opinion of American standards in regard to canned food is very, very low so most of our canned foods are not from the USA for good reason

Weruva - Available in about a zillion flavors.  With Chicken, Beef, Lamb and Turkey in some.  Most containing some kind of fish... Tilapia, Saba, Basa, Tuna, Mackerel, etc, etc.  Made in Thailand... this is one of the few canned foods I would actually eat myself... they have incredible standards... SO much better than the USA standards... USA standards, in many ways, are severely lacking. Originals are chunky with a fair amount of gravy. B.F.F. is shredded with less fat and less gravy.  Cats/Dog in the Kitchen is shredded with moderate gravy. Pouches are shredded with a fair amount of gravy.

First Mate/Kasiks - Available in Chicken, Salmon, Tuna or Turkey.  This is a Pate'. Made in Canada.

Ziwi Peak - Available in Venison, Venison/Fish, Beef, Rabbit/Lamb, Lamb, Lamb/Beef Tripe, and Chicken.  This is a very thick Pate'. Made in New Zealand.

K9 Natural – Available Beef, Lamb, Lamb Tripe, Chicken and Beef Tripe for dogs. Lamb/Salmon, Chicken/Venison, Beef/Hoki, and Chicken/Lamb. Made in New Zealand.

Tripett - Available in TRIPE's of Venison and Beef.  These are Pate'. Made in New Zealand and the USA.

Tiki – As of February 2018 this brand is under scrutiny  because it is available in Big Box Stores.  Mass production requires a decrease in quality and standards. Hero’s Pets is monitoring this product to determine whether or not it will continue to meet our standards.


Veggie Blends:

If you are trying to get weight onto your dog it might be helpful for you to know that your pet may need some phytates in the diet.  This may include Oats or perhaps Chia Seeds (sold in the supplement section). We do not recommend large amounts of high starch foods.

Green Juju – Made from Certified Organic, locally-grown ingredients and medicinal herbs in Washington.  This product is a mixture of green smoothie, buffalo bone broth, healing herbs and awesome.  It’s less expensive than most alternative products and makes a great addition to any diet.

Auntie's Kitchen - Made in Colorado.  Sourced from a company that guarantee's all products are non-GMO and Kosher. Blends made with mixes of celery, okra, kale, cranberries, blueberries, strawberries, papaya,.... two of the three blends have a small amount of oats... the other one is grain/potato/pea/carrot free (low starch). These are our favorites.... these are made out of products exclusively made for humans.

Northbay Trading - these products are non-GMO, organic and kosher. We carry a variety of single ingredient fruits and veggies in various sizes. 

Dr. Harvey's - Available in an oat/fruit/veggie blend and a veggie blend of primarily white potato/carrot/pea (high starch).  ORGANIC.  Made in NJ.

Honest Kitchen - Available in three fruit/veggie blends, one with grains.  All moderate starch. Grain Free. Made in CA.


Our favorite additions:

Raw, Cultured Goat Milk & Raw Cow Milk Kefir -

- Raw Milk, like human breast milk, is nature’s perfect and complete food for developing infant digestive tracts.  Raw milk is a complete diet, consisting of all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, proteins and nutrients essential for life to not only survive, but thrive. Raw Milk provides necessary nutrients in a non-synthetic, perfectly balanced form for adult and baby pets, making it a safer and healthier alternative than synthetic vitamin/mineral supplements.

- Increasingly, nutrient absorption dis-eases such as IBD, EPI and Pancreatitis have begun to run rampant in pets. Increasing calorie consumption to compensate for weight loss caused by decreased nutrient absorption can aggravate digestive strain and potentially even amplify disease symptoms such as diarrhea and inflammation. Alternatively, Raw Milk is immediately assimilated into the digestive lining, providing complete nutrient absorption and decreasing the effort required by the intestinal villi to utilize the nutrients the body needs.

- Veterinarian’s generally recommend Hydrolyzed Protein diets for allergy conditions, however, these diets have some unfortunate down sides including MSG by-products (the result of fractionating protein amines), decreased nutrient absorption (leading to Muscle Wasting if used long term), decreased biologic value in nutrients and decreased nitrogen utilization (which may cause urinary concerns) as well as dependency on synthetic, potentially dangerous supplements. (1)   Raw Milk, however, is non-synthetic, safer and absorbs immediately while also being a natural histamine reducer.  Therefore, Raw Milk provides be allergy reducing benefit that hydrolyzation does but without any of the negative effects.

-As Raw Milk is a complete diet in and of itself (like breast milk for an infant), home-made diets require the addition of whole food supplements such as Raw Goat or Cow Milk to complete the food. Additionally, these can be used in place of a synthetic vitamin/mineral supplement for any complete diets as well.

- Raw Milk diets, like in infancy, can be provided as a fasting or rehabilitation diet for detoxification or severe illness recovery. Severe allergies, EPI and cancers respond best to this diet.

- Raw Milk is a natural appetite suppressant and histamine reducer.  It can be great as a between-meal snack or, in some cases, in lieu of anti-allergy pills in highly allergenic seasons.

Brands matter!!!

Goats should be 100% naturally fed, humanely raised, provided herbs to increase milk nutrients and breeds are rotated to create a nutritionally complete and diverse product. In addition, it should always be fully raw, never heated and it cultured which increases nutritional benefit for your pet. Rotation of these products provides an unrivaled variety of good bacteria to assist with increased health and intestinal bacterial balance.

- We feel Steve’s Goat Milk is moderate quality because it contains coconut flour and chia seeds (both of which have benefits but also potential disadvantages such as anti-nutrients that may cause leaky gut when used long term).

- We do NOT recommend any brand that contains Turmeric in a plastic bottle (e.g. Primal and Open Farm), ever, as it contains Turmeric and is sold in a plastic container.  We LOVE turmeric, but it emulsifies fats and plastics.  So, when kept for extended periods of time in plastic it actually EATS the plastic and pulls endocrine inhibitors into the product.  Endocrine inhibitors may lead to endocrine disorders such as diabetes, Cushing’s, pancreatitis, thyroid imbalances, etc.  If you’d like to add Turmeric to your pets diet it should be purchased in glass container and mixed with ginger or black pepper to increase absorbability.  Hero’s Pets sells Elemental Provisions brand of Turmeric/Ginger that may be added to food or milk supplements.


Bone Broth Based  –

- These are great topper for picky eaters and super healthy for a lot of reasons:

                IMMUNE HEALTH:

- Vitamin D is a primary mediator of the immune system. Known for its function in preventing cancer, regulating minerals, building bones and regulating hormones. It is essential to maintain in sufficient levels of Vitamin D to prevent dis-ease. Synthetic Vitamin D can cause calcification of the heart, bone loss, kidney failure, weakened immune function, allergic reactions and toxicity (and is a primary ingredient in Rat Poison) therefore natural whole-food sources of Vitamin D from products like Fish broths, mushrooms and fish products are safer.

- Vitamin D must be received through the diet, not the sun, in all animals with hair/fur. Without Vitamin D other minerals act “drunk” and get lost in the body because Vitamin D is the moderator that instructs them of their jobs.  Vitamin D deficiency increases the likelihood of problems with the kidney's (stones/crystals), bones, thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary, spleen, etc. Supplementing with non-synthetic Vitamin D found in Fish Broth coupled with natural, non-synthetic Vitamin K (found in grass-fed butter), can prevent as well as break up urinary stones/crystals.

- Vitamin K, found naturally in fermented products regulates Vitamin D.  Therefore, fermented products are a more effective source of Vitamin D and Vitamin K as they work synergistically to support full body health.

- Vitamin A, which is added to most Vitamin D supplements such as Cod Liver Oil, inhibits Vitamin D absorption. Non-synthetic forms of Vitamin D do not contain nutrients that inhibit the benefits of other nutrients in them, making Fish Stock and Kvass better alternatives for supplementation.

- Broths can be great sources of easily absorbable macro and trace minerals that trigger metabolic enzymes which enhance the healing process. They are particularly high in inorganic ions such as Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Phosphorus, Sulphate, Arganine, amino acids, collagen and many other compounds that also comprise the constituents of muscle and ligament tissues themselves. Bone Broth based products are particularly beneficial for tissue reparation as they are made of all the components of the complete tissue matrix, unlike supplemental Glucosamine and Chondroitin which are only single inadequate components.

- Broths are generally high in the amino acid Glycine which is known to have calming effects that may help with sleep.

- Fish Broth is high in Iodine that supports thyroid health.  Iodine also helps the protect the body from radiation.

- Bone Broth based products are high in collagen. Vitamin C is necessary to synthesize collagen in the body which also converts proline in hydroxyl proline.  Supplemental collagen can decrease problems with bleeding gums, bruising, poor wound healing, soft tissue injuries, cartilage and bone injury (including dental… as a matter of fact it can re-mineralize teeth).

-Chinese studies have shown gelatin to increase red blood cell and hemoglobin count, increase serum calcium levels, increase the absorption and utilization of calcium and prevent and treat myotonia atrophica (muscle wasting).

                HEALING ORGANS:

- Supplementing with Glucosamine and Chondroitin alone is like building a skyscraper with only rebar and cement… those are valuable components, but many other materials are necessary to support the entire structure.  The bio-available, non-synthetic, un-isolated collagen make them ideal for repairing holes and damage in the joints, kidneys, liver, thyroid, skin/coat, and all tissues.  This is the result of the product being made, naturally, from all the components of the tissue matrix rather than a few isolated components.

- High in Astaxanthin – a natural sunscreen and potent antioxidant

- High in Vitamin B12 – is required for the proper function and development of the brain, nerves, blood cells and many other parts of the body.  It’s notoriously used as supplementation for diabetes, sleep disorders, depression, weak bones, swollen tendons, IBD, asthma, skin allergies, macular degeneration, Lyme disease, ringing in the ears, MS, and protection against poisons and allergens.

-Fish based Bone Broths contain 33mg/ounce of Taurine, which is necessary for eye and heart health as well as protein metabolism.  Taurine is necessary for cats and beneficial for dogs, especially those on low protein diets or with protein losing diseases or absorption issues.


- High in natural Omega 6 and Omega 3 for skin and coat– isolated omega oil supplements (such as Salmon Oil) are often heated (making them carcinogenic), are often preserved with Ethoxyquin (a cancer-causing preservative that is often not listed on the label) and can easily go rancid (increasing the internal toxic load). Fish based broths offer the healthy Omegas you’re seeking in fish oil without carcinogens, heating, toxic preservatives or rancidity

- Bone Broth is high in Choline (regulates weight), Sodium (necessary mineral), Selenium (a necessary mineral that is extremely toxic in its synthetic form... thus, making Fish Stock a much safer way to get it).


- Broths are naturally high in arginine which assists the kidneys in utilizing proteins more effectively.  Many pets with kidney problems are put on low protein diets, resulting in Muscle Wasting (where the body consumes its own tissues to survive due to protein deficiency). Pets with protein metabolism problems or low protein diets will benefit from arginine in the diet to regulate protein usage without causing muscle wasting.

- Arginine has also been found to be particularly beneficial for the treatment of sepsis and whole-body inflammation

- Fish broths are high in CoQ10 (that converts to Ubiquinol) which assists in maintaining heart health and tissue elasticity

- Gelatin prompts digestive fluid secretion, stimulating appetite and providing better digestion of nutrients in the food.

- Gelatin is a hydrophilic colloid.  It attracts and holds liquids, including digestive juices, thereby supporting proper digestion.


- Broths contain high levels of GAG’s (glycosaminoglycans) such as glucosamine, chondroitin and other nutrients (inorganic ions, organic phosphates, soluble carbs, amino acids, nitrogenous bases, intracellular concentrations…) that act as anti-inflammatories

- As noted above, Arginine, Omega’s, Glycine, Proline and CoQ10 also assist in decreasing inflammation, repairing joints and increasing elasticity of tissues in the body.

How much do these miracle juices cost????  They are highly inexpensive and they tend to LOVE them alone as treats or in their food!!! We understand that these products sound way too good to be true, however, we at Hero’s Pets have verified the science that proves that the most effective healing comes from nature and its whole foods rather than man’s synthetic attempts to re-create nature (did you know that scientists worked to find every identifiable nutrient in Bee Pollen and when they made a synthetic version of it and fed it to bees all the bees died?  Man can’t re-create the perfection of nature… so we are happy to promote “miracle products” made from natures miraculous ingredients. As an added benefit, nature costs less, is more effective and is safer than man-made alternatives.

We also sell CBD products:

Why are our CBD products better than at other locations?  Hero’s Pets works directly with government regulators to maintain a comprehensive understanding of the Hemp Industry, its regulations and its value for your pets’.  Hero’s Pets is actually on the Federal Hemp Safety and Health Benefit Research Panel regarding hemp in pet and agricultural use. Because of these affiliations we know what questions to ask to ensure that products are of good quality. Surprisingly, it’s not uncommon for hemp manufacturers to not know the answers to some of the most important questions about hemp, for example, many manufacturer reps don’t know the difference between Isolate vs Full Spectrum which could be the determining factor between whether or not it works for your pets condition.


These are hemp products sold by Hero’s Pets

Anderson’s – Organic, Full Spectrum, CO2 extracted 500mg Tincture, topical cream and liquid capsule pills.

Suzie’s CBD –  4mg/treat Apple or Pumpkin Cookies.

Colorado Hemp Honey – Organic CBD (not full spectrum) infused into Colorado farmed Honey. Available in Natural, Lemonade, Mandarin Magic (Orange), or Ginger.


CBD products we don’t recommend:

Canna Companion – Full spectrum proprietary blend in pills. These products are a powder, not tincture, which can decrease potency and increase the necessity for higher dosage to get effects. This product does not list mg’s of CBD per pill, only mg of their proprietary blend per pill, making it very difficult to adjust dosing and impossible to know the exact dose that you are giving to your pet. The hemp is also sourced in Europe, decreasing the potential for quality control.

Charlotte’s Web – This product line does not claim to be organic.  Hemp has an incredible affinity for toxins (to the degree that it is planted around Chernobyl to pull radiation out of the soil).  Non-organic hemp tends to run higher in toxins such as cadmium, lead, pesticides and other contaminants.

Marijuana products – Marijuana and hemp are the same plant but contain dramatically different ratios of THC to CBD and other cannabinoids.  Products containing high levels of THC cause a variety of potentially dangerous and annoying side effects in pets, such as drooling that causes life-threatening aspiration and urinary incontinence. There are rare cases that higher THC content can help with severe medical conditions but in the majority of cases we don’t recommend it.  If you would like assistance in determining if your pet would benefit from a higher THC ratio, and how to dose it safely, then please reach out  to Hero@HerosPets.com

There are hundreds of Hemp products on the market, and more coming out every day.  We can’t list them all here but we’ve probably talked to a least half of them and they didn’t meet our standards.  If you have questions about a specific brand please reach out to us at Hero@HerosPets.com